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Portable rock climbing wall...Inflatables...& much more!

The Rock Wall


  Due to the size of the Rock Wall and trailer, we are unable to set-up at some locations. To determine if your location is adequately sized, we have developed a guide to assist you.

Listed below are some of our limitations. If you are in doubt, please call, and we will be happy to assist you or arrange for an inspection of your location.

We cannot:

•  Drive over curbing or stairs

•  Drive up, down or across steep hills

•  Drive into or through anything less than 9' wide and 8' tall

•  Maneuver any tight or narrow corners

•  Set-up under any overhead obstructions less than 27' tall

•  Set-up within 15 of electrical wires

•  Set-up on any uneven* or soft surfaces**

* Note: Set-up area needs to be reasonably level. The outriggers on the trailer allow the wall to be leveled off to correct moderate deviations.

** Note: We can set-up on grass with the use of wood under the trailer outriggers. Please notify us of a grass set-up so we are prepared.


Don't be discouraged by these limitations! There have been some difficult situations we have been able to execute a set-up in. If there are any doubts please call us and we will see how we can assist you.


Minimum space requirements needed for set-up:

The truck and trailer are approximately 45' long together. The trailer, when set-up is 16'x12'. An additional staging area and safety perimeter are also required for operation. We can disconnect the truck from the trailer to save space if needed.

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